One of the many downsides of getting older is all the aches and pains that come to your joints from years of wear and heavy use. When I started to age into my 40s I began to have very noticeable pains in my knees which I contribute to playing many sports in my younger years. I began to search online for a medication or supplement for joint pain relief and after doing a considerable amount of research I decided to try this natural supplement seeing a lot of good reviews; this one seemed to be helping many others with their joint pain.

My Results: I am currently on my second bottle of this supplement and from the first week and till today I have noticed a huge decrease in pains in my knees. I just began walking long distances again which is something I have not been able to do in a very long time and while I still get a bit sore at times, after my walks the pain overall has diminished tenfold what it was before taking this product. It has been very cold where I live and this product is really helping with the pains that are brought on by the weather as well.

Side Effects: As yet I have not noticed any negative side effects from taking this supplement. I am one of those people that tend to always get the adverse side effects from any medication or supplement but since I have not had any after a considerable amount of time I am left to believe that there really might not be any. I guess what is left to say here is that I went away on a trip for a few days and forgot to bring my supplements along and did notice with each day of not taking it my pains began to come back.


Natural Eggshell Membrane : This is a dietary supplement that has been shown to help maintain healthy joint and connective tissue. This ingredient has recently been discovered as a new natural therapeutic for joint disorders. As stated above I did my research on this product and found that natural eggshell membrane has been tested in clinical trials and wielded very positive results. I am trying to maintain a relatively clean diet and this product and its ingredients perfectly fit into that regime.

Conclusively from my experience using this product it really works for joint pain relief just as advertised. If you are someone searching for something natural to help with your own pain relief then look no further because this is the real deal. I would also like to add that since beginning this supplement I have even lost a bit of weight which I am not sure if I can contribute to this product but seeing as I have not changed anything else in my daily habits I feel the need to mention it here. Overall my experience has been nothing but positive and highly recommend this product.